The men of Baughman had a successful festival and we want to report that a profit of $1000 was made. We decided that we wanted to give the money to a church in Houston, Texas. I called St. Paul’s united Methodist church in Houston.

I talked to Amy Taylor, the director of Missions. She told me the church had a membership of 4000 members. The church did not have much damage from the hurricane. The basement had some water in it. I asked her what they would do with the money and she said there are a  lot of poor people living around the church area. Those people did not have much to start with, but the storm took all they had. So she said the money that they receive is used to buy furniture, carpet, and kitchen supplies for them. This way we know what the money is being used for.  So we are sending a check to them for a $1000.00.

-Paul Haubert